Are you interested in personal growth? If yes, this course is for you.

The personal development course is an eight-week coaching session (1 hour a week) that takes you on a journey of personal transformation. The course focuses on the four dimensions of life: the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. It gives you the tools to uncover your true potential, your authentic self, which will give you a clear purpose of life and the steps you need to take to achieve your dreams. 

The course will introduce to you the basic principles for a life changing experience. These are:
1. The Principle of Transformation
2. The Principle of Truth
3. The Principle of Love
4. The Principle of Restoration
5. The Principle of Choice

This program is designed to inspire you and help you experience a deep transformation in your personal, family and professional life.
Dr. Drissa Kone, President and CEO of Success Consulting Services, is a Certified Personal Development Coach.

He is currently an assistant professor at the Unification Theological Seminary in New York City. He teaches courses in conflict resolution, interfaith dialogue, leadership, and Islamic studies.

Dr. Kone earned a M.Div. at UTS in 2012, and an M.A. in Diplomacy at Norwich University in 2014, with a concentration in conflict management. He obtained his D. Min. in practical theology at UTS, with a concentration peace and justice. His research focuses on transformational leadership and effective management of cross-cultural conflict between communities. He obtained his B.A. in Education in the Ivory Coast in 2007. He worked there as a teacher before moving to America.

Dr. Kone’s passion is to help others be successful in their personal, family and professional life.
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